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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-20Fix test binary installationDavid Oberhollenzer
2021-01-20Cleanup: Automake: remove single use variablesDavid Oberhollenzer
2021-01-20Remove headers from EXTRA_DISTDavid Oberhollenzer
2020-02-09mtd-utils: Fix potentially unterminated stringsDavid Oberhollenzer
2020-02-09mtd-utils: Fix potential negative arguments passed to close(2)David Oberhollenzer
2020-02-09mtd-utils: Fix printf format specifiers with the wrong typeDavid Oberhollenzer
2019-11-10fs-tests: don't leak temporary buffersDavid Oberhollenzer
2019-11-10jittertest: fix error check for open system callDavid Oberhollenzer
2019-06-16ubi-tests: fm_param: Replace 'fm_auto' with 'fm_autoconvert'Zhihao Cheng
2019-06-16ubi-tests: mkvol test: Checks return value 'ENOSPC' for 'ubi_mkvol'Zhihao Cheng
2019-06-16ubi-tests: io_read: Filter invalid offset value before 'lseek' in io_read testZhihao Cheng
2019-06-16ubi-tests: ubi_mkvol_request: Fully initialize 'struct ubi_mkvol_request req'Zhihao Cheng
2019-04-29mtd-tests: nandbiterrs: Fix issue that just insert error at bit 7Xiaolei Li
2019-04-25unittests: Define the use of _GNU_SOURCEOlliver Schinagl
2019-04-25unittests/libmtd_test: Include fcntl headerOlliver Schinagl
2019-04-25unittests/test_lib: Include proper header for _IOC_SIZEOlliver Schinagl
2018-10-02mtd-utils: Instead of doing preprocessor magic, just output off_t as long longThorsten Glaser
2018-09-08ubi-tests: io_paral: Fix error handling of update_volume()Martin Lund
2018-04-16Fix unit-test header and file paths for out of tree buildsDavid Oberhollenzer
2018-04-16Fix unit test mockup for oobavail sysfs fileDavid Oberhollenzer
2018-03-05mtd: tests: check erase block count in page testStefan Agner
2018-02-14mtd: unittests: Stop testing stat() callsBalint Reczey
2018-02-14mtd: unittests: Decode arg size from ioctl requestBalint Reczey
2018-02-14mtd: unittests: Use proper unsigned long type for ioctl requestsBalint Reczey
2017-12-05Run unit test programs through "make check"David Oberhollenzer
2017-11-22mtd: tests: Fix check on ebcnt in nandpagetestPaul HENRYS
2017-11-03nandbiterrs: Fix copy & paste failDavid Oberhollenzer
2017-11-03Enable further warning flags, address new warningsDavid Oberhollenzer
2017-11-03jittertest: Use the appropriate versions of abs()David Oberhollenzer
2017-11-02Mark or fix switch cases that fall throughDavid Oberhollenzer
2017-11-02Add no-return attribute to usage() style functionsDavid Oberhollenzer
2017-10-05tests: checkfs: Remove unused source file from makefilesDavid Oberhollenzer
2017-10-05ubi-tests: io_update: fix missleading indentationDavid Oberhollenzer
2017-08-24mtd-utils: tests: Avoid using less than two blocks in nandpagetestMiquel Raynal
2017-07-03mtd-utils: tests: Add Erased Pages Bit Flip TestHarpreet Eli Sangha
2017-06-28Add const modifier to read only strings and string constantsDavid Oberhollenzer
2017-06-28Silence warnings about unused argumentsDavid Oberhollenzer
2017-06-28Remove unused variables and functionsDavid Oberhollenzer
2017-06-28Eliminate warnings about missing prototypesDavid Oberhollenzer
2017-06-28Use autoconf header detection correctly for libmissingDavid Oberhollenzer
2017-06-28mtd-utils: tests: Fix nandbiterrs Failure CheckHarpreet Eli Sangha
2017-06-14ubi-utils: Return error code if command line option is unknownDaniel Wagner
2017-02-21ubi: tests: Speedup io_paral by using rand_r()Richard Weinberger
2017-02-21ubi: tests: Support up to 65k NAND page sizeRichard Weinberger
2017-02-21ubi: tests: Replace variable-length array with malloc()David Gstir
2017-02-20Remove README.udev from ubi-tests extra distDavid Oberhollenzer
2017-02-20Remove UDEV_SETTLE_HACKRichard Weinberger
2017-02-20mtd-utils: Fix format specifier definitions for off_t and loff_t.Torsten Fleischer
2016-12-13Fix packaging of unit test filesDavid Oberhollenzer
2016-12-06common: Fix 'unchecked return code' warningsBoris Brezillon