path: root/misc-utils/flashcp.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 daysflashcp: Add write last option.HEADmasterPiotr Esden-Tempski
2023-05-30mtd-utils: Add new syntax to get devices by nameBrandon Maier
2023-04-24misc-utils: flashcp: correct casting for percent displaycchoux
2022-11-07misc-utils: flashcp: abort on --partition and --erase-allBrandon Maier
2022-11-07misc-utils: flashcp: verify data in --partitionBrandon Maier
2022-11-07misc-utils: flashcp: fix buffer overflowBrandon Maier
2022-11-07misc-utils: flashcp: simplify loggingBrandon Maier
2022-11-07misc-utils: flashcp: add safe_memeraseBrandon Maier
2022-11-07misc-utils: flashcp: check for lseek errorsBrandon Maier
2022-11-07misc-utils: flashcp: add safe_writeBrandon Maier
2021-06-12misc-utils: flashcp: Add new function that copy only different blocksHarvey Wu
2020-02-09mtd-utils: Fix printf format specifiers with the wrong typeDavid Oberhollenzer
2019-10-28flashcp: Add option -A/--erase-allAndrij Abyzov
2019-02-26mtd-utils: fixes verification percent display in flashcpAndrij Abyzov
2017-11-02Add no-return attribute to usage() style functionsDavid Oberhollenzer
2017-06-14flashcp: Drop exit code definesDaniel Wagner
2016-12-14mtd-utils: Correct casting for final status report in flashcpJonathan Fether
2016-11-17Unify version string printingDavid Oberhollenzer
2015-11-12flashcp: Use %llu to print filestat.st_sizeFabien Proriol
2015-11-11mtd-utils: Restructure the mtd-utils source.Dongsheng Yang