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Remove feature-removal-schedule.txt
This patch removes the old feature-removal-schedule.txt file from mtd-utils, mostly for reasons similar to the ones that lead to the decision of removing the feature-removal-schedule.txt from the kernel. Removing features by itself is rather problematic as there is no simple way of estimating whether something is being used widley or not at all. Thus, consensus usually tends towards not removing features at all. Even if there is a file anouncing feature removal, users in large won't read this file _if_ it is even included in distribution packages. People working on mtd-uils would end up removing features that _they_ find useless and users would start complaining once their setups break after they install a new version of mtd-utils. In conclusion, once introduced, features should not be removed to begin with and this file is entirely usless. Signed-off-by: David Oberhollenzer <>
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