BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd an ubifs mount helperUwe Kleine-K├Ânig10 days
v2.1.2commit 7b98677934...David Oberhollenzer5 months
v2.1.1commit 4443221ce9...David Oberhollenzer16 months
v2.1.0commit bce86d06d6...David Oberhollenzer21 months
v2.0.2commit bc63d36e39...David Oberhollenzer3 years
v2.0.1commit 81049e5997...David Oberhollenzer3 years
v2.0.0commit 1bfee86601...David Oberhollenzer4 years
v2.0.0-rc2commit 55dd808e71...David Oberhollenzer4 years
v2.0.0-rc1commit abbed09157...David Oberhollenzer4 years
v1.5.2commit aea3641706...Brian Norris5 years
v1.5.1commit 9f107132a6...Artem Bityutskiy7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2006-04-30Fix make installv1.0.0David Woodhouse
2006-04-22Fix mtd_debug after removal of some MTD types and flagsJosh Boyer
2006-04-17Update ABI header with latest changes from kernelJosh Boyer
2006-04-11Fix cbuf free properly.David Woodhouse
2006-04-11Fix memory leak in write_regular_file()David Woodhouse
2006-04-11- Update utils to build from in tree include filesJosh Boyer
2006-04-11Add include directory to new mtd-utils repo. This contains all the user spaceJosh Boyer
2006-04-11Initial commitDavid Woodhouse