AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-12-11[PATCH 1/13] Convert bin2nand to use getopt option parsingJosh Boyer
2006-12-06[PATCH] Try 2: Remove bogus copyright statementJosh Boyer
2006-12-05nanddump.c: fix up long_optionsTimo Lindhorst
2006-11-15Patch from KaiGai Kohei to enable building without xattr supportKaiGai Kohei
2006-11-06[MTD] UBI: rework of off-line UBI analysis toolDrake Dowsett
2006-11-06[MTD] UBI: pfiflash needs to flash raw sections and check CRCDrake Dowsett
2006-11-06[MTD] UBI: Update testscriptsFrank Haverkamp
2006-10-31[MTD] UBI: Fixed 16 KiB blocksize problem.Frank Haverkamp
2006-10-31[MTD] UBI: Fixed program versionsFrank Haverkamp
2006-10-31[MTD] UBI: Adaptations to new driver, reworked
2006-10-31Fix ubi-header.h to use userspace swab functionsJosh Boyer
2006-10-31[MTD] UBI: Enhanced example for testing.Frank Haverkamp
2006-10-31[MTD] UBI: fixed bug in bin2nand introduced by the previous change.Frank Haverkamp
2006-10-31[MTD] UBI: Removed automake, autoconf, added ubi userspace headers.Frank Haverkamp
2006-10-31UBI - Unsorted Block ImagesFrank Haverkamp
2006-10-09Fixup whitespaceJosh Boyer
2006-09-18Report compressed file sizes (including node headers) in mkfs.jffs2 stats.Daniel P. Berrange
2006-08-07Add xseqno into jffs2_raw_xref on mkfs.jffs2KaiGai Kohei
2006-08-03Add patch from David Byron for separating source and build directoriesDavid Byron
2006-06-21Added 64-bit swapping functionsJosh Boyer
2006-06-21Fix swab32 to use standard typesJosh Boyer
2006-06-14Remove crufty autocrap MakefileJosh Boyer
2006-05-30Update yet again to latest mtd-abi.h from kernel tree. And fix mtd_debug.c.Josh Boyer
2006-05-30Add .gitignore fileThomas Gleixner
2006-05-30Update mtd-abi.h and use new NAND ECC functionalityThomas Gleixner
2006-05-29Update user headers from latest kernel treeJosh Boyer
2006-05-27Fix mtd_debug for new upstream mtd-abi.hJosh Boyer
2006-05-27Merge git:// Boyer
2006-05-27Update mtd-abi.h from upstream kernel.Josh Boyer
2006-05-23s/oobblock/writesize/gJoern Engel
2006-05-17Need to include stdint.h to use standard typesJosh Boyer
2006-05-17Switch to using standard types. This is userspace, not kernel.Josh Boyer
2006-05-17Remove ancient filesystem tool that never went anywhereJosh Boyer
2006-05-16Consolidate the swab macros into one locationJosh Boyer
2006-05-14MTD Utils. (Resubmit as attachment)Steve Finney
2006-05-14MTD Utils. (Resubmit as attachment)Steve Finney
2006-05-14MTD Utils. (Resubmit as attachment)Steve Finney
2006-05-14Remove XATTR struct typedefsDavid Woodhouse
2006-05-06Add XATTR support to mkfs.jffs2David Woodhouse
2006-05-01Add GPL license textJosh Boyer
2006-04-30Fix make installv1.0.0David Woodhouse
2006-04-22Fix mtd_debug after removal of some MTD types and flagsJosh Boyer
2006-04-17Update ABI header with latest changes from kernelJosh Boyer
2006-04-11Fix cbuf free properly.David Woodhouse
2006-04-11Fix memory leak in write_regular_file()David Woodhouse
2006-04-11- Update utils to build from in tree include filesJosh Boyer
2006-04-11Add include directory to new mtd-utils repo. This contains all the user spaceJosh Boyer
2006-04-11Initial commitDavid Woodhouse