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mtd-utils: common.h: fix prompt function
The prompt() function is intended to query a yes/no reply from a command line user by reading in an entire line of text using getline() and checking the first character. If the line is empty, a default value is returned. First of all, this patch replaces the usage of getline() with fgets() to avoid compilation problems on some smaller C libraries, like klibc, that do not have a getline() implementation. Since we now have a static line length, this may break some build setups that input lengthy giberish instead of 'y' or 'n'. Second, this patch fixes a more severe bug in prompt(), replacing a 'while' keyword with the 'if' that was most likely intended. In the old version, if getline() reported an error, it would print an error message inside a while loop, immediately followed by a break and then march on and process the erroneous input instead of using the default value as printed to stdout. Signed-off-by: David Oberhollenzer <>
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